Heatwave steer (everyone asked for) :-)

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Apr 24, 2008
I posted the heifers a couple times and just tagged a little note along about this steer. So after 7 requests for pics and more info, he gets his own thread. I hate to picture one that isn't just all spruced up, as we are all used to looking at them that way on the web, but don't have time to undertake another one around work and harvest and everything else. So here he is, in bad need of a bath, clipping, dehorn, and a little long in the hoof as well. The more I pushed him around out there trying to get the pic, the more I thought he could really be a good one for about any county in the world. If I had time I'd get him broke and dudded up, hang a $1500 price tag on him and still feel like I wasn't hurting anyone at all. I'll take $1000 now as I haven't got the time and effort wrapped up in him.

He is a Heatwave x Cheap Trick/Montana Truck.  He is soft made, wide topped, sound footed, was a very nice haired calf, though he is kind of between baby and real hair right now. If I was to change him I'd add a shot of bone, square up his hip, and freak out his neck, but then I'd also ask about $7500 for him too  ;D. He isn't a wreck in any of those areas, just has a tad of that HW front in him, isn't totally monster boned, and gets a little round butted if he bunches his top up.

I think with the right management and elbow grease, he'd hunt at most county fairs I've been to, or he'd make a great project for someone who just wanted to take a nice one to the fair. He's a late March and I'd guess him to weigh about 500-550. The pictures are a pretty honest representation.

PM me or email [email protected]

He's in West Central Ohio

Thanks a lot for your interest!



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