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Jul 24, 2007
An update on the scholarship program we started 3 years ago in honor of my grandson, we were able to supply 2 Angus heifers this past season to 2 very hardworking young women this year. They both did wonderful jobs with the heifers. Thankfully they were able to attend a few show early this year since the show season came to an abrupt stop as you all know.
Even though the girls were from 2 different parts of the state they formed a great friendship, they both met for the first time at the Kirk Stierwalt clinic in Porterville Ca, they shared a heifer to work on and really did a wonderful job and haw a great time. They both had a respectable show season and were very competitive in their classes. We have been lucky to select very deserving hard working young people who have been great ambassadors for our foundation.
Hopefully we will be able to move forward with next year’s scholarships, and cross our fingers that there will be shows.

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