Hey Red....

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Sep 6, 2007
Springfield, Ohio
I know a while back you said your parents have some health problems.  I was just curious how they are doing?  I could PM you, but thought others my be interested.  You can PM me back if you like  :) 

I hope they are doing well!

Yesterday was a rough day in my neck of the woods for people that I know.  I farmer we know lost his battle with a genetic lung disease, he was only in his 50's, A baby got its cord notted and didn't survive delivery- I do not know this family personally but none the less..., and right down the road from my parents home a car crashed into a tree, burst into flames.  I didn't know the diver, but this morning when I drove by the tree I was reminded of a loved one lost.  Yesterday, I also did a training session that included a young man with downs syndrome.  He as worked for us for several years, and is a very sweet guy.  Another employee kind of watches over the boy.  I got to thinking last night again about how important it is to be very thankful of what we have in life.  Even on our 'bad' days.  For some reason this made me think of Red and her family.  So I just thought I would check in  ;)



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Jan 20, 2007
LaRue, Ohio
thanks Fluffer. We saw my parents are Easter. My dad was OK but he has no idea where things are to go. He was asking me where a coaster went & it's always on the table in front of him. He also asks my mom how to feed the dog even though he's done it for years. I worry that he'll walk off sometime but so far that hasn't happened. He'll never get better but will slide further. They've looked at Alzheimer homes in case he gets to the point of no return. He has gotten violent w/ her once which is the scariest.

My mom is in fairly good health despite severe arthritis. she's  looking into a pain management doctor.

Thank you so much for asking. it is really tough watching them fail so quickly.  (angel)