Historical Shorthorns, 4 pages of great winter reading on HSS

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Jul 26, 2013
Knox County Nebraska
You guys know I am interested in Blue Roans and Blue Greys. I have a friend who grew up In Southwest Scotland, just north of the Border...so, in the Border Lands. He has always said that..way back when he was a boy.. the regional term Scotch Shorthorn meant a white Shorthorn of a certain type...always white. I was looking at images the other day and saw a picture of a Whitebred Shorthorn from the 1970’s. It didn’t really look like most of the contemporary Whitebred Shorthorns of today. I asked my friend if this type was what he meant when he spoke of Scotch Shorthorns being a kind of White Shorthorn. Yes said, Yes, this is the type. I thought...well, that isn’t very different from Whitehall Sultan and many of his sons, so looked for a picture of him...all mine died with the last computer. So, wow, the three pages of Historical Shorthorn photos and comments on the HSS site are terrific. Stories to go with animals that had just been pictures and names to me before. I think the really neat part is the HSS pedigree that lists the breeders name next to the animals name. For instance, you can count up the animals tracing to. Cruikshank or Willis, or in more modern animals, American breeders like Miller.  I don’t know how I missed these pages until now, but since we seem to be having some mid winter interest in old genetics..check it out.


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