Holding a big steer back

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big boy

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Aug 22, 2008
I have a steer that weighs 1025 now and the show is in mid Jan. 2009.  Just wanting to know how can I keep him from gaining so much weight  with out hurting him,  so he will not be so big at show time.  Any advice will be helpful Thanks.


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Mar 19, 2007
Opinions will very on this do to what type of show you’re feeding for.

I suggest turning him out on pasture for a while. Keep feeding him only cut his grain back to a maintenance level or you could increase the oats level of the mix. While out on pasture make sure he is getting ½ hour or more exercise a day. This will help in keeping his conditioning firm and from developing that stale look. You don’t have to lead him, just drive him like you would a hog. Try not to run him just keep him moving for a solid ½ hour or more depending on the calf and weather conditions.

It would also help to weigh him weekly. This way you could adjust your feeding to where he is gaining around a pound a day. I think it is important to keep them gaining. And by you looking into this now you will be able to “SLOW HIM DOWN” instead of  “holding him” which is alot better for the calf and the end project.

***Just some more thoughts here-
You have roughly 150 days to go.
Your half way point is the end of October /1st of November.
If you can slow him down to gaining a pound a day that will put him at 1100 pounds the first of November.
This will give you roughly 75 days to hit your target weight.
From here:
At two pounds gain a day you will hit around the 1250 finish mark
At three pounds gain a day you will hit around the 1325 finish mark

Of course these numbers are approximate but hopefully this will give you an idea of where you may want to be and the feeding adjustments required to hit your target weight.