how to handle the planning commission

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Feb 7, 2007
Hollister, CA
i thought this was pretty funny.'s-wicked-wit-cuts-through-red-tape.html

After being asked to fill in a “design access statement” for a storage shed on a small farm, he wrote: “The density is like on a farm, the social context is a farm in the country, the economic context is farming in the United Kingdom in 2008 (which is not very economic), the opportunities are to store equipment inside rather than the outside, the constraint is the planning system.”

And under a section headed Context Analysis, he said: “The use is compatible with a farm because it is a farm building.

Under “scale, appearance and landscaping”, Mr Jessop wrote: “The building is a single storey with the central section raised to allow for higher equipment.

“It can not be lower because nothing could be stored in it. It is not made any higher because that would be silly.

“It looks like a typical modern agricultural shed in a green profiled metal sheeting because that is what it is, and a great architect once said 'Buildings should look like what they are’.

“The applicant and previous occupants have spent a long time, probably more than a thousand years, making the countryside around the house look like farmland so that everyone can enjoy the pretty English countryside.”