Hows he lookin?

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Feb 7, 2007
Hollister, CA
to me, he looks a little tough.  with his head towards the camera, he looks big headed.  he's a little straight behind.  get him set up quickly and get his back up BEFORE the judge looks at him.  don't be picking at his feet as the judge comes by.  get him used to getting his feet apart so he doesn't look as narrow as he is, but don't fret about getting him too wide or you will be messing with him when the judge comes by.  IMO, you should be looking to move up in class through presentation, along with getting him at the appropriate cover for his class.  he gives up some thickness pretty much everywhere, so you are going to have to compensate with a good feeding regime.  a lot of animals are not fat enough.  clip his knobby hock joints smooth and work on brushing there to stimulate hair growth.