human genome surveyed, this time in diploid

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Feb 7, 2007
Hollister, CA
this is really interesting.

i have my suspicions about the quality of the assembly, but at first glance, it is really interesting that my suspcions of the complexity of genomes is confirmed and more complex than a relatively "matched" set of genes, with some snps between them.

what this means is that there is a lot more diversity for expression of genes than had been thought of before.  one must survey both copies and know where each one is in relation to proximity of genes to control for epigenetic effects.  in animals that are linebred, some of this diversity will be removed and may account for prepotency, predictability between animals.  a way to think about it is that one animal may be a mongrel inside itself, even though it has been one breed for a while versus another animal that either by design or chance, has the appropriate variability, or lack of it in critical areas necessary for quantitative traits.