I have a question for Elbee

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Apr 10, 2008
We purchased a shorthorn heifer for my daughter to show this year she is 6.  I am looking at her registration papers and the heifer's sire goes back to Elbee Leader C087 owner Elbee Farms, what a small world.  The sire is CS Nike Max 01 owned by Cato Shorthorns.  Does anyone know anything about this bull or where I could find a picture of him??

My daughter will be showing her for the second time this weekend.  We showed her 2 weekends ago and she was Champion Heifer, but it was not a very big show. The show we are going to this weekend is our county fair but it is open to other counties as well.  My daughter does a great job she is only 6 but she can hang with the older kids, she is one of those kids where it just comes naturally.  (Can you tell I am a proud mama)