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american honey

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Nov 30, 2010
4th Annual

Indiana Sheep Expo

White County Fairgrounds

Reynolds, IN

Your browser may not support display of this image. June 10th—12th, 2011

Breeds include

Border Cheviot ~ Columbia ~ Corriedale

Horned Dorset ~ Polled Dorset ~ Hampshire

Katahdin ~ Montadale ~ Natural Colored

North Country Cheviot ~ Oxford ~ Shetland

Shropshire ~ Southdown ~ Suffolk ~ Texel ~ Tunis 

Two Breeding Shows: Classes include

Ram Lamb ~ Yearling Ewe ~ Fall Ewe Lamb ~ Ewe Lamb 

Three IJCLC Sanctioned Shows

Market Lambs ~ Commercial Ewes ~ Showmanship 


Purebred Breeding Show A ~ Mark Johnson

IJCLC Sanctioned Show A ~ Mark Johnson

IJCLC Sanctioned Show B ~

IJCLC Sanctioned Show C ~

Purebred Breeding Show B ~ 

Other events

Showmanship Contest ~ Supreme Awards

High Point Awards ~ Social

Promotional Contests (Logo, Photo, and Wool) 

Show Management

Indiana Junior Sheep Association Executive Board           

Juanita Padgett, Advisor ~ Sheila Sink, Advisor ~ Beth Burns, Advisor

            317-690-0084  765-960-5045  765-437-5772     

Schedule of Events

(Schedule may be subject to change)

Your browser may not support display of this image. Friday, June 10th

2:00 pm Sheep May Arrive

5:00-9:00 pm Check-in

Saturday, June 11th

5:30-7:30am Check-in


      IJCLC Sanctioned Show A

            Commercial Ewes

            Market Lambs (Alphabetical, Crossbred last)


1:00pm or 15 minutes after conclusion of IJCLC Show A

      Breeding Show A


            Rams Lambs, Yearling Ewes, Fall Ewes, Spring Ewes (Alphabetical)


6:00pm or 15 minutes after conclusion of Breeding Show A

      IJCLC Sanctioned Show B ~ points only


            Commercial Ewes

            Market lambs (Alphabetical, Crossbred last)

Sunday, June 13th


      IJCLC Sanctioned Show C

            Commercial Ewes

            Market Lambs (Alphabetical, Crossbred last)


12:30pm or 15 minutes after conclusion of IJCLC Show A

      Breeding Show B ~ points only


            Rams Lambs, Yearling Ewes, Fall Ewes, Spring Ewes (Alphabetical)

Closing Ceremonies

(Sheep released after Closing Ceremonies)

4th Annual

Indiana Sheep Expo


The purpose of the Indiana Sheep Expo is to provide a weekend filled with fun for young sheep enthusiasts and their families.  Competitive events as well as social activities will be available for exhibitors to get to know each other better and create lasting friendships.


    * Exhibitors must be 21 years old or younger on June 1, 2011 and must be a resident of Indiana.
    * Breeding classes will consist of the following:
                            * Ram lamb: born September 1, 2010  and after
                            * Yearling ewe: must be over 1 year old and under 2
                            * Fall ewe: born September 1, 2010-December 31, 2010
                            * Ewe lamb: January 1, 2011 and after
    * Slick shorn classes and fitted classes will be available for Horned Dorsets, Dorsets, Suffolks and Hampshires.
    * Exhibitors in the breeding show may show more than 1 breed, but are limited to 2 entries per class (maximum of 2 ram lambs, 2 yearling ewes, 2 fall ewes, 2 ewe lambs per breed).
    * Exhibitors are limited to 1 entry in photo and logo contests and 1 ram and 1 ewe fleece.
    * Exhibitors must show their own entries unless permission has been granted by the show management.  If an exhibitor has more than 1 entry in a class, another junior exhibitor may show second animal.
    * Animals may begin arriving at 2:00 pm on Friday, June 10.
    * Animals may pen in barn or trailer, but animals are not allowed to leave the fairgrounds or they will be disqualified.
    * All animals must be designated as to what show they will be entered.  No dual entries.
    * Breeding animals must have registration papers or proof of sale.
    * Breeding animals must follow the breed standards as determined by the respective breed association.
    * The IJCLC Sanctioned Market Shows will follow all IJCLC rules and regulations.
    * Market lambs must be shorn within 5 days.
    * Commercial ewes will be shown by weight.
    * Any market lamb entry must be shown in all three market shows.  An exhibitor reserves the right to scratch an animal prior to the show with no entry fee refund.  No substitutions. Show B is points only. One entry fee, regardless of shows shown in.
    * Once an entry card is turned in to the show management, no changes can occur.
    * No alcohol on grounds.
    * No inhumane treatment of animals will be allowed.
    * Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.  Any exhibitor and/or family members may be excused from the ISE for any behavior deemed by the show management.
    * Any protest must be submitted to the show management prior to the showing of the supreme awards.  The protest must be submitted in writing with a $250 money order, cashiers check, or cash.  This deposit shall be forfeited if the protest is not sustained.
    * Show management is not responsible for accidents or losses.
    * The show management reserves the final and absolute right to interpret these rules and regulations and any violation will subject exhibitors to penalties the show management may order.

Show Information

Entry Fees

      Breeding Show: $20 per animal (includes two shows)

      Market Show: $35 per animal (includes all three shows)

      Market Show Showmanship (Saturday and Sunday): $10 (includes three shows)

      Breeding Sheep Showmanship (Saturday and Sunday): $5 (includes two shows)

      Promotional Contest: Free


Class winners will receive a certificate to choose an award from an awards area.  They must redeem a voucher at the table to receive their award and may be picked up anytime prior to the Supreme Show. Show B is points only. (Awards are subject to change.)

Class premiums will be as follows:
No. in class First Second Third Fourth Fifth
1 - 5 15 12    
6 15 12 10  
7 - 8 15 12 10 8
9 - 12 15 12 10 8 5

Breed Champions and Reserves: TBD

Supreme Ram, Ewe and Grand Market Lamb (A & C): Wooden banner and $100

Showmanship division winners: Embroidered Jacket

High Point Award: Exhibitors will accumulate points in a designated breed or market lamb (including commercial ewes) throughout the weekend.  The following events will be included:

    * Showmanship
    * Classes
    * Wool
    * Photo
    * Logo


Exhibitors are in divisions based on the grade they have completed.  Division breaks are as follows:

      Novice: Grade 2 and under

      Junior: Grades 3-5

      Intermediate: Grades 6-8

      Senior: Grades 9-12 and graduates 21 and under

Promotional Contests

Your browser may not support display of this image. Photo Contest

Submit 3” x 5” or 4” x 6” photo of your sheep.  Limit one per exhibitor.  Photo should be mounted on color background with at lease a 1” border.  Photos can be of one or more sheep and/or lambs.  Photos must be taken by exhibitor.

Logo Contest

Develop a logo on an 8 1/2” x 11” paper with promotes your sheep or farm.  Limit one entry per exhibitor.

Wool Show

Enter no more than 1 ram fleece and 1 ewe fleece.  The fleece may be tied or untied. 



Showmanship for Breeding Sheep will be held with each breeding show.  Market Sheep Showmanship will be held with show A, B, and C.