Information on a few older bulls

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Jun 22, 2007
Sterling, IL
Looking at usings some older Sugar ray lines and wanting some info on some bulls I remember but cant find any info on.

4X4 Oran Wolfe owned or raised him. What did he work on.

Windsor - I remeber some good looking picture in some catalogs in the 90's anyone use him?

Viper - sired some massive calves but they were pretty coarse made.

What other bulls 1 generation or 2 out from Sugar worked well. Flushes I have been around are too hard doing and inconsistant, also he can take all the hair off one.



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May 1, 2007
parts unknown
The 4x4's could get a little straight, I was always a fan, looks like they will slick pretty good.but then again they all can.  Kris Balck has had pretty good luck with him and still does today.  From what I saw the Sugar Ray lines worked best on cows that weren't too crossed up.  I have had great sucess with my Flushes.  Look into Armageddon, he has never been advertised, but his calves have been pretty good both the females and the steers.  I always liked the way Viper looked, I just never saw very many calves out of him.  The Windsors make good females from what I remember, but wasn't around very many of them.  The full brother to Throttle called Takin' Names was a solid producers, and easier calving than Throttle was. Why not go back to the original, there is still plenty of semen around on him. 

Joe Boy

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Jan 31, 2007
I like my cows that are one or two generations removed from him because of disposition.  I have always loved the looks of his cows.

Kris Black will have some bulls in his sale on the 27th (I think) that will go back to Sugar Ray.  He has more knowledge of what he works on than anyone I know.

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