Iowa Beef Expo Junior Show results

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Jan 20, 2007
LaRue, Ohio
Results from the 2007 Iowa Winter Beef Expo - Junior Show

Breeding Heifers - Judge: Dan Shike - ILL.
Foundation: James Sullivan-Champ, Courtney Jass-Res
High % Simmental: Brent Reck-Champ, Bailey Core-Res
Charolais: Luke Elder-Champ, Mary Kate Mardesen-Res
Charolais Composite: Dan Newendorp-Champ, Katie Braun-Res
Chianina: Nick Sullivan-Champ, Jason Crall-Res
Limousin: Zach Greiman-Champ, Nicole Larsen-Res
Salers: Mandy Moses-Champ & Res
Appd Shorthorn: Luke Schroder-Champ, Jaden Compton-Res
Shorthorn: Jon McOllough-Champ, Richard Nichols-Res
South Devon: Emily Smith-Champ
Red Angus: Samantha Frederick-Champ, Ryan Shuey-Res
Gelbvieh: Julianna Kruse-Champ, Kassidy Formanek-Res
Balancer: Tyler Beenken-Champ, Velista Martin-Res
Hereford: Sarah Stream-Champ, Austin O'Brien-Res
Polled Hereford: Grace Capper-Champ, Luke Schroder-Res
Mainetainer: Nick Sullivan-Champ, Dakota Holtkamp-Res
High % Maine: Logan Ferguson-Champ, Ashlee Grimm-Res
Angus: Bryce Frost-Champ, Mallory Espenscheid-Res
Div 1: Chelsea Veldhuizen-Champ, Austin Hamilton-Res
Div 2: Ty Johnk-Champ, Spencer Shaw-Res
Div 3: Jason Allen-Champ, Dan Faber-Res
Div 4: Luke Elder-Champ, Logan Ferguson-Res
Champion Comm Jason Allen, Reserve-Luke Elder

Supreme Breeding Heifer: Jason Allen - Commerical
Reserve Breeding Heifer: Nick Sullivan - Mainetainer
3rd Overall Heifer: Luke Elder - Commerical
4th Overall Heifer: Dakota Holtkamp - Mainetainer
5th Overall Heifer: James Sulliven - Foundation

Market Animal Show - Judge: Steve Kennedy - TX.
Limousin: Emily Hansen-Champ, Brandon McCulloh-Res
Hereford: Skyler Brittain-Champ, Blake Solsma-Res
Polled Hereford: Sage Hook-Champ, Chance Deppe-Res
Maine Anjou: Keaton Lundquist-Champ, Nolan Ferguson-Res
Red Angus: Samantha Frederick-Champ, Nathaniel Moran-Res
Angus: Leo Kruse-Champ, Danielle Esbeck-Res
Gelbvieh: Kyle Snyder-Champ
Salers: Mandy Moses-Champ
Simmental: Daniel Hornung-Champ, Jacob Ihns-Res
Chianina: Sarah Feiges-Champ, Colton Paul-Res
Charolais: Elley Neuzil-Champ, Colton Otto-Res
Appd Shorthorn: Sadie Quist-Champ, Zac Moorman-Res
Shorthorn: Keaton Lundquist-Champ, Brooke Veenstra-Res
Market Heifers:
Div 1: Garrett Anderson-Champ, Austin Henningsen-Res
Div 2: Timo Wolf-Champ, Courtney Hughes-Res
Div 3: Dan Newendorp-Champ, Dustin Oswald-Res
Champ Mkt Heifer: Dan Newendorp Res: Dustin Oswald
Crossbred Steers:
Div 1: Sophie Hansen-Champ, Travis Weldon-Res
Div 2: Holly England-Champ, Michaela Jorgensen-Res
Div 3: Sarah Feiges-Champ, Colton Paul-Res
Div 4: James Sullivan-Champ, Amanda Maurer-Res
Champ Crossbred: Sarah Feiges Reserve: Colton Paul

Supreme Mkt Animal: Sarah Feiges - Crossbred
Reserve Mkt Animal: Colton Paul - Crossbred
3rd Overall: Sarah Feiges - Chianina
4th Overall: Dan Newendorp - Market Heifer
5th Overall: Keaton Lundquist - Maine Anjou

Champion Jr Showman: Cody McCullough
Reserve Jr Showman: Bailey Core
3rd Overall Jr Showman: Tessa Mittag
4th Overall Jr Showman: Chance Deppe
5th Overall Jr Showman: Abby Stout

Champion Sr Showman: Richard Nichols
Reserve Sr Showman: Charlie Wilson
3rd Overall Sr Showman: Courtney Jass
4th Overall Sr Showman: Ashley Vogel
5th Overall Sr Showman: Ty Webster

We had approximately 1075 head walk through the two showrings on both days. We thank all exhibitors and families for participating and being to your classes on time. We hope you all had a safe trip home and see you at our summer field day/extravaganza in June!