Just a refresher on sending in PHA/TH samples

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Jan 20, 2007
LaRue, Ohio
I had trouble pulling this info up yesterday & hubby had samples ready. I knew a check needed to go but didn't know amount. Hubby will get it in the mail ASAP. I just wanted to post the procedure for some of those that are having some confusion.

Instructions For Sample Submission
AgriGenomics is only accepting samples of blood or semen at this time.
Blood samples:
· Collect at least 2cc of whole blood (not serum) in an EDTA purple top tube. An anticoagulant is used in the
purple top tubes to keep the blood from clotting. If sent in any other type of tube the sample will NOT be
· After collecting the blood, the tube must be mixed thoroughly by inverting 5-10 times. Severely clotted blood
samples received will NOT be processed and must be resubmitted.
· It is also important that a new needle/syringe be used for each animal. The sensitivity of the test can detect very
small quantities of contamination potentially producing invalid test results.
· Please label the blood tubes with the animal’s permanent ID and/or registration # (if available). It’s also extremely
important that tubes are not mislabeled. If sending in more than one sample please be very cautious and make
sure to label tubes for the animal in which they belong.
Blood samples should arrive at the laboratory within 48 hours of collection for best results.
Second day shipping via UPS, US Postal Service Priority Mail, Federal Express, or DHL are recommended.
Samples that are collected a day prior to shipment should be kept in the refrigerator prior to shipment.
Hot Weather: When temperatures exceed 90?F for extended periods, please include a cold pack with the
samples. DO NOT FREEZE.
Cold Weather: When temperatures are below 35?F, please pack the samples in an insulated container to
avoid freezing.
Semen samples:
· Send at least one straw of thawed semen
· Semen straws should be protected from breakage during shipment by placing them in a semen cane or goblet and
packaged in a padded envelope or small box.
· Please refrain from shipping semen straws in standard sized mailing envelopes. When processed by the US
Postal Service, these samples are often crushed by the rollers in automated mail handling equipment.
Further Instructions:
Enclose all relevant information needed to process your request for testing and payment in a zip-lock bag to
protect it from damage. Samples will NOT be processed until payment is received.
Information needed (a Sample Submission form is available):
Name, Address, Phone Number(s), Test(s) requested
24 or fewer samples: $27 each for one test and $15 for every additional test for that sample (TH & PHA =$42 ea)
25 or more samples: $25 each for one test and $15 for every additional test for that sample (TH & PHA =$40 ea)
FOR DL and IE $20 per sample or $30 per sample if testing for both DL and IE
Ship samples and payment to:
AgriGenomics, Inc.
2399 N 1000 East Road
Mansfield, IL 61854
Written results will be provided on all samples tested. It is in your best interest to identify the samples as
completely as possible for your future reference and use. If you have any questions please contact us at
(217) 762-9808 between 9am - 2pm central time.
Please forward a photocopy of results to the AMAA to have status on file. All AI sires, donor dams, and cloned
animals must be on file (hair sample at VGL/U.C. Davis) and TH & PHA tested (AgriGenomics) as of Feb. 1st, 2008!
VGL / U.C. Davis kits need to be ordered thru the AMAA office at $35/kit. Please have individual animal
information available when ordering.


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Jan 20, 2007
LaRue, Ohio
You know, I got a huge kick out of that. OK DL, what genetic defect do you have & how are you passing it around?  ;)  (lol)