Kansas Beef expo

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Jul 4, 2007
Well we just got home from the expo, it was nice and cold :mad:,  We placed 7th out of like 15-20 in the maintainers, he said that if she was another 300 lbs(the others were obviously aged by about 3 months, that she would have been in the top, and that if she came back next year she could easily win it, had alot of people stop by and ask about her. i almost had the simmy heifer but she went for $5000 i only bid to 4500 :-\ but all in all we didnt do to bad for the first show for the heifer, and the first time at the expo, I saw Jills hubby and son, i think i saw her but im not sure if it was her or not. ???

well i got to go get the black paint out of jeans