Kenbar Paul Jaremco

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Sep 12, 2009
pilger saskatchewan
RIP Paul Micatas Jaremco born April 14, 1927 passed May 22,2020.

Paul along with younger brother Emil devoted their lifetime raising, developing, and promoting their Kenbar Polled Shorthorns. Dad Harry Jaremco, immigrated at the turn of the 20th century, an educated man who spoke 7 languages. The first Pb cows Beauty Marquisse and Dora Marquis cost Harry $50 each from the famed show herd of Lyle Robinson. By the mid 1960 the polled gene was added, first was Ball Dee Perfect Bet, then Ball Dee Perfect both sons of Carona Perfect. Strengthening the polled factor yet another Carona Perfect son the now famous Ball Dee Perfect Count, came from the Bergs of Four Point. The last of the Dave Ball cows would arrive in 1972. Ball Dee Royal Commando was purchased from a dairyman at age 9. Matlock Delux from the Haydocks, Red Willow Hero 2 from the Elliotts. Kenbar merchandised many head to the USA. Many miles where made by Paul to inspect the Perfect Count calves before they could be registered. Quiet, loyal and thoughtful Paul was a true Builder of the Breed.


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mark tenenbaum

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Mar 23, 2009
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This one is sold out of semen till Dale Collects him again  -Hes tested free of everything-documented CE and the calves are sound, have performance and ARE THICK O0


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Feb 13, 2007
The bottom photo is Homeplace Hot Commodity 1816, and he is spoken for.  He is over 5/8 related to Homeplace Hot Commodity 1625, the bull in the top 2 photos.

I dropped off a Perfect Count red heifer calf (after a state sale) somewhere in the hills of SW IN many years ago and told the new owner that if he ever decided to part with her, to let me know.