Kinnaber Leader 9th Sired IVF Twin Heifer Calves

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Heritage Shorthorn

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Jan 15, 2019
The "Calf of the Month" on the Heritage Shorthorn Society website ( are twin IVF daughters of Kinnaber Leader 9th born December 24, 2022. (Yes IVF embryos can occasionally split after they are implanted). The uiltization of IVF has resulted in a continual increase in the availability of the best Shorthorn genetics of the past. More examples of classic Heritage Shorthorn bull sired calves born in the USA during 2022 include calves sired by: Albo, Ball Dee Perfect Count, Boa Kae Royal Oak, Canadian Image, Eionmor Ultra 8C, Hub's Director, Kenmar Approval 6B, Kenmar Leader 13B, Kenmar President 26A, Kenmar Ransom 5Z, Mandalong Super Elephant, Mandalong Super Flag, Pleasant Dawn Seal 2nd, and TPS Coronet Leader 21st. This an abbreviated list as there are many more.
The increasing interest in Heritage Shorthorns in the USA and Canada, let alone the rest of the world, is the result of a realization that for Modern Shorthorns there has been a progressive loss of those traits/characteristics which originally made Shorthorns the most popular cattle breed in the world. Many Shorthorn breeders are now looking to Heritage Shorthorns to help reinvigorate the Shorthorn breed and preserve 100% FULL BLOOD Shorthorn genetics. Because of the various bloodlines which have been incorporated into Modern Shorthorns, today's Heritage Shorthorns are in reality almost a total outcross to Modern Shorthorn bloodlines. This outcross vigor is part of the reason Heritage Shorthorns work so well in improving Modern Shorthorns--they are not your father's "milkers".