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Feb 7, 2007
Hollister, CA
hey zach, thanks for "teeing" it up.

this is a movie poster of a movie called "brother from another planet".  a great movie i highly recommend.  the actor has shown up in all kinds of places including in the first or second season of superman as a crazy kryptonite infected doctor studying effects of the meteor rocks.

i put it there in response to "knabe (as is often the case) has answered from another planet" from DL in the thread of "what would you do if" regarding PHA and i mentioned something about aminiotic fluid to test for pha status.  a tongue in cheek response.  we disagree on everything politics probably, but in my book, she's aok, (not aaok)

i also put it there as he's touching a screen, so he's still touching the touchstone.  that part's only for telos and xxcc and SRU and anyone else i blabbed my nonsense too.