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Joe Boy

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Jan 31, 2007
I want to thank everyone for the warm thoughts and prayers in my behalf.  I was helping my brother and his son repair an old abandon farm house so the son could move in after he gets married on the 25th.  I crawled under the house and changed the plumbing.  I went under the house probably 8 times.  There were lots of rat droppings and black mold.  I came down with a stomach virus and with a sinus type infection.  The sinus infection got worse with temps to 102.5.  The temps came and went for days.  I was put on two medicines and given double shots for several days.  I lost my voice.  It became like a whooping cough which hung on for 3 weeks.  I had no strength.  I have two boys who work for me and I kind of bossed and stayed home.  The stomach virus hung on for 5-6 weeks.  I had a great week for the last week except one day.  I have read your wonderful post and e-mails and appreciate all of your warm thoughts and prayers.  I wish what I have been through on no one.  Our telephone line to the internet was out for a while and we did not realize it, as we just did not feel like doing anything and when we discovered it, there was another week before we could get it repaired.

On another plane....corn harvest has started here.

love and have missed you.  I will be back in a week, as I am taking my wife to Las Vagas before school starts.  We have never been and I bought a package of entertainment and hotel items for her Christmas and she was down with major surgery.  We have to go or I will lose my money....

Thanks again.
joe dale wilson

Show Heifer

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Jan 28, 2007
You've been in my thoughts, and I am so glad for the great report!!! Have fun in Vegas and remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!!! ::)


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Jan 20, 2007
LaRue, Ohio
Glad you post Joe. I know many have been asking about you & it's better hearing it from you directly than me.
Have fun in Vegas & don't gamble away the farm!  ;)
How is corn harvest by the way?


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Jan 10, 2007
Joe Boy......glad to hear you are among the living!!!!!!  We were worried about you, kiddo!

Have fun in Vegas!  Hope you see some good shows.  Give us the full report when you get back!