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Feb 8, 2019
Hey!! I have a steer I'm looking to use melatonin on! His final show is in March and I have heard you should start 120 days before final show... This is my first time using melatonin, and I was wondering what to do etc.
I think I like implants better then pills only because of He doesn't eat his feed there will be wasted pills.. That's really all I know of it and could be wrong about some things!?!

Also I have another question.. The same steer I'm wanting to give melatonin to, I want to make sure he's on the right track  ;)
He is a maine\angus cross and currently weighs 970 pounds... He is 16 months old!! Final show is in March and I have a really good chance at winning grand champion... If I came get him at least 1280 or higher..
Thanks  <beer> ;D