midland bull test

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Mar 22, 2008
Just wondering if anyone went and what sire groups/bulls you liked best. i thought the mytty in focus calves looked the best as far as a consistant look on lots of different cows. they are moderate framed, thick, with lots of depth and rib shape. i think they can get a little sloppy in the front and could use a tad more length, but overall they performed well and looked good. 3 bulls by pendleton(new bull) really looked nice and sold very well. new frontiers seemed to be smooth and balenced but kind of average for the most part. i didnt like the grid makers or the 004s - they were lacking depth, width and bone. the grid makers were bigger and more rugged though. i was expecting more from the 004s- they always look good in Schaffs ads. they're were lots of them there and they all seemed to lack capacity and hindquarter. i should have my catalog in front of me right now- i cant remember any other details right now. looking forward to hearing what everyone else thought!!