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Jan 29, 2007

This information is copied off the DEFRA UK website

Foot and Mouth Disease: temporary control zone established in Surrey
Update: 2:45pm, 12 September
Initial laboratory tests on the samples taken this morning from the cattle
on the holding in Surrey where disease was suspected have indicated the
presence of Foot and Mouth Disease.
On the basis of these initial laboratory results and clinical symptoms UK
Chief Veterinary Officer, Debby Reynolds has confirmed Foot and Mouth
Disease. The farm comprises a number of separate parcels of land and a
single protection zone will be put in place which extends a three kilometres
radius from each of them, and a surveillance zone of 10 kilometres radius
beyond that. Footpaths will be closed in the protection zone.
A movement ban of cattle, sheep, pigs and other ruminants has now been
imposed in England and parallel arrangements are being made by the Scottish
and Welsh administrations. No movements of susceptible animals are allowed
except under licence. The licence conditions may vary between England,
Scotland and Wales.

Debby Reynolds said:
"At this stage we have not identified the strain or origin of this outbreak.
The situation remains uncertain, and I urge all animal keepers to be
vigilant for signs of disease, practice stringent biosecurity measures,
including the movement ban and licensing conditions."
All animals currently in transit should continue to their destination where
they should remain in place. The European Commission has been informed.

This morning a temporary control zone has been put around a grazing area in
Surrey. The cattle are to be culled on suspicion of the disease while
laboratory test results are awaited.This measure follows an assessment of
clinical symptoms by Animal Health veterinary staff.

Chief Veterinary Officer, Debby Reynolds said:
"The containment and eradication of Foot and Mouth Disease is our top
priority. This is why we have moved swiftly to put in place a temporary
control zone while we investigate this development. At this stage disease
has not been confirmed, laboratory results will follow.
"In the meantime, and as always in such circumstances, I reiterate my
message to animal keepers to practice the highest standards of biosecurity,
remain vigilant for disease and report any suspicions quickly."

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