Moving cattle into Michigan effective 3/1/07

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Jan 20, 2007
LaRue, Ohio
DL had posted this earlier, but not here & I thought maybe we needed a reminder since the time is getting closer! My vet didn't know anything about it. ???

Just received the following from the Michigan Department of Agriculture - If you are planning on showing or selling your cattle in Michigan…(please read!)...
After March 1, 2007 ALL cattle in Michigan will be required to have radio frequency identification (RFID), also sometimes called electronic identification (EID) prior to leaving the farm of origin. This has implications for out of state cattle showing or selling in Michigan. If you are planning on showing or selling cattle in Michigan you must have two things: (1) you must meet the State of Michigan’s import requirements to legally enter the state and (2) your cattle must have an RFID tag.

To avoid any difficulty please make sure that all cattle moving from out-of-state to Michigan meet the State of Michigan’s import requirements. This includes having official identification and having a certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI, sometimes called a “health certificate”) that lists the official identification exactly as it is on the animal.

Official identification is one of the following: 1) the USDA nine-digit alpha numeric silver metal ear tag, 2) the USDA nine-digit alpha numeric orange metal “Bang’s” ear tag, 3) a breed registration tattoo or breed registered ear tag that matches EXACTLY to the breed issued registration papers, or 4) RFID.

Official identification is NOT: county fair tags; state fair tags; farm tags; feedlot tags or sale tags. Official identification is NOT an ear tattoo in an animal that is not registered or an ear tattoo in a registered animal that does not match exactly the tattoo listed on the registration papers.

All cattle moving to a MICHIGAN show, sale or exhibition on or after March 1, 2007, are required to have an official RFID ear tag. This includes all out-of-state cattle exhibited or sold in Michigan. Exhibit cattle coming in from out-of-state can have a RFID tag applied at the show and pay the cost of the tag ($2.00) or reload and go home. These tags are not tied to a premises identification.
If you sell a heifer in the Michigan Beef Expo she must have official identification to show in the B&B Junior Show the next day. If you are planning to show at any shows in Michigan please make sure you have official identification and check your tattoos. If your animals are not officially identified, or you are unwilling to have an RFID tag placed in your animal, you will not be allowed to show and may be sent home. If you have questions about moving cattle into Michigan please contact Kevin Kirk at the Michigan Department of Agriculture (517-241-4339; [email protected]. Do not contact the show sponsors. For more information of Michigan’s RFID program go to