NAIS section 121 of farm bill

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Feb 7, 2007
Hollister, CA
here it comes again.  we have to put chips in chickens too.
this is a system that will archive for the government, a database for future facilities to be regulated with little benefit  to the farm, but with great benefit to future regulation in the form of requirements beyond the financial resources of small property owners.  basically a justification for raising the financial threshold to drive small producers out of business bit by bit and create companies that can be fined/sued to support agencies to rationalize their existence. this is a terrible example of raising the cost of us goods without requireing non us companies a corresponding cost.  theirs will be lower.  when will it stop?  when will the government actually lower the cost for us producers?  never, they are too blind, and are scared of the WTO.  they can only come up with a way to regulate us and not them.  we don't have a system like japan that can refuse wheat shipments because the fines are too high, or that transgenic crops are in the shipment and impose that cost on the originator.  we should force importers of beef a higher threshold of sampling because they don't have to comply with the same EPA, USDA etc.  but no, we're too scared, might get called isolationists, trade warriors, something that will eventually put antifreeze in tootpaste with no avenue for compensation other than we can't UPSET china, we live on a world stage.  when we are dead it won't matter.

it will eventually probably pass in some form.  incrementitis.

i disagree with some of thearticle's comments, but overall agree.  one could probably follow the money trail and see which companies will profit from making and using the database.

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