Need Suggestions Roan or white THICK CE heifer bull Cannot be DS or PHA

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mark tenenbaum

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Mar 23, 2009
Virginia Sometimes Iowa and Kansas
Im looking for a roan or white Shorthorn heifer bull that maybe has some clubby etc. I have no interest in the So called calving ease show lines.And the bull cant be DS or Pha. I like DS bulls the best so far but cant use one I thought about Quiet Man but my partner ruled him out. maybe Lazy D HL Quane-But Prehiem who is very knowledgible says he isnt thick enough for today.Can be older breeding -Needs to be thick with COLOR Thanks in advance


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Feb 13, 2007
JSF Ronan has sired really good calves for us. Ronan's calves have all been unassisted here. We have used him on heifers for the first time for fall 2024 calves and believe in his calving ease, partly because of his Outlaw dam--that bloodline has flat shoulders, designed for ease of calving. Ronan's sire, Jake's Reincarnation, is a white bull worth considering. Both of these bulls have sired hundreds of offspring--they have higher accuracy than most.

What pedigree does your heifer have?