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Jul 31, 2008
Hello all, this next year will be my last year in 4H and I wanted to
try the market steer project. I will be attending Northeastern Junior
College in Sterling, CO so I would need somewhere to board my steer.
But anyways...I was wondering if you could help me with answering some
questions such as: what is a decent price for a calf that wont cost me
an arm and a leg (im not out to win grand or reserve), feeding program
(what does it consist of) and anything else you can think of. Thank you!

Samantha Wester
Sterling, CO


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Nov 30, 2007
Western NC
When is your fair? How much do you want him to weigh(good weight on average steer is 1300), what feed sources do you have? A good calf that should do well at a county fair will probably be about $1500 then you are probably be looking at another 1-1500 in feed bills and such. A good feed program will start a steer on a grower feed until 650-700 lbs. then switch him to a finisher from 650#s until finish weight. You will also need to have him on free choice mineral at all times and also be giving him hay. If you want good hair you need to invest in a good fan from sullivans or another show supply place then wash and blow him out at least twice a day then be brusjing him with a rice root brush. Good luck with your project.