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May 7, 2007
Jay Ok
I don't want to sound like I am bragging, but I am very happy.  Baled 22 acres of midland 99 Bermuda grass Saturday.  It had been 39 days since the previous cutting, I had put on 100 # of Nitrogen and it got about 6 inches of rain.  It made 66.78 tons of hay.  I could not believe it till I added all of the weight receipts.  The last cutting was cut on 28 days and  tested out at 18% protein with a relative feed value of 104.  I know this hay was more mature and will not test as good, but should still be really good hay.  It is amazing what the improved varieties Bermuda grass can produce.  We have midland  99, greenfield, and this year we put in some ozarka.

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