nitrogen utilization

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Feb 7, 2007
Hollister, CA
does anyone pay attention to this?

interesting comment :  Grazing management that leaves more of the soil covered with green plant residual or dead litter keeps the soil cooler and enhances urine infiltration rate. Good grazing management traps a lot more N in the soil and reduces the ammonia loss, leaving more N in the soil to support the next plant growth cycle. Short grazing periods that leave taller residuals after grazing result in a much more effective nutrient cycle, compared to grazing shorter through a longer period.

my comment:
also, more plant material shades ground lowering soil temperatures, conserving water easily measured by pushing a screwdriver in the ground and the ground is still moist.  also, less pulverization (deflocculation) of the soil occurs allowing easier penetration of water either by rain, sprinkler or flood irrigation etc.  carrying less soil off your property and dumping it on your neighbors free of charge.

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