Oklahoma Storm

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Jan 20, 2007
LaRue, Ohio
This is information for Joe Boy on the bull. I asked one of the breeder's sons about him & this is what he said.

He belongs to my Father (Jerry McPeak) and Joe Ogle.  Jerry was the livestock judging coach at Connors State College for 28 years,  he is the winningest judging coach in history.  (I know that sounds aregant halfway through an intro but its important to know that he knows cattle as well or better than anyone.) Dad bred about 15 heifers to him and have had some really nice calves.  They are born pretty small, jet black, good bone and pretty long fronted.  Considering they are IW bred they are really really long fronted.  I bred my two best show heifers to him and they will calve this fall.  I hope this helps.  He is also PB Maine.  As of last count he was the only PB Irish Whiskey son that was PHA and TH negative.  I'm sure there are some out there, just not sure where.

Hope this gives you some more information about him.


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