Our new show/herd bull

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Apr 24, 2007
Here's some pictures of our new bul, Baileyl. He is an Irish Whiskey x Strictly business/Myer734 and is 8months old. We took him to his first show a few weeks ago and he took 1st in his class. We will be having PHA tested next month so I keeping my fingers crossed!! Just wanted some opinons on him, of course right know he is starting to hit the awkard stage because he is growing tall fast. How does everyone feed their bulls? Do you feed them the same as your show steers? Thank you!!


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Jan 20, 2007
LaRue, Ohio
Very nice young bull!
I have my fingers crossed for you on test!

We feed our bulls the show feed. Try to keep him from getting too fat but still allow for growth. Looks like a great combination!


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Feb 14, 2007
Ada, Ohio
What I was told when collecting bulls that you want to reduce the amount of corn and fat on them. THe gentleman that did my bull collection said if they are too fat it does nothing for the sperm. We fed a show feed ration that was higher in protein almost a grower rations. Unfortunately it seems like the judges want our breeding animals so fat.
I like his markings- great coloring/marking. Looks growthy enough for 8 months old. I have one at the same stage right now. They hit that spot where the skeleton is growing and it seem like you need to fill them out. My guy is just on the other side of that stage and starting to fill in and mature.
Good luck on the PH testing. Keep us posted on his development.


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Feb 12, 2007
Feed them a grower/starter ration - not a finisher because of the previously mentioned reason on corn.  Most bulls (purebred & commercial that aren't shown) are fed a very high roughage diet.  An infamous event happened down here last year when a big Angus breeder switched rations to more of a corn by-product ration.  The guy watching his bulls didn't keep hay out like he was supposed to and the fertitlity of those bulls was ruined - several hundred of them.  They made a multimillion dollar mistake.  It's my understanding that if you feed a bull too "hot" of a ration it increases their body temperature (including the testicles) which severely impacts long-term fertility.  This breeder was honest and refused to have their annual bull sale. 

So, don't get them too fat and feed them too much corn.  We actually use a "bull mix" which has lots of hulls in it, but we don't show bulls.


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Feb 4, 2007
NW Arkansas
Going by the greenery in your scenery, I guess you are a southerner, too. Here's my advice. give him 'nuff good, ol' Bermuda Hay, keep his rumen functioning. Besides watching out for obesity,
I'd also watch rations with too much cottonseed products, especially whole seed. The Gosypol will knock down the sperm count and ruin the morphology of the swimmers.

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