outcross black Maine bulls for sale

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Apr 21, 2007
Sun River, MT
I have four black Maine cross bulls for sale - (2) 75% Maine and (2) 50/50 Maine/Angus.

These bulls will work for excellent clean up bulls in an AI program and should produce very good females with great milk, nice udders and tons of functionality.  These are Montana bred bulls that are bred for performance and durability.  All 4 bulls are guaranteed PHA free.  3 are polled, 1 is scurred.

These bulls can be used on most current popular Maine bloodlines without the worry of crossing bloodlines - allowing you to capitalize on hybrid vigor within the breed.  These bulls are recommended for cows.  Don't let the birthweights hinder you from being interested in these bulls.  They are from a northern climate and are the legit BWs.  The confirmation of these bulls provides for calving ease.  They are smooth shouldered and long.

email me [email protected] or view these bulls at www.morrislivestock.com/bulls/ for more information.


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