PowerPro Ultra Cordless

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Jul 4, 2007
what do you guys think of the PowerPro Ultra Cordless clippers???



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Oct 4, 2007
Alberta, Canada
I used a pair of these (or probably their predecessor, the Oster Power Pros) for several years. I have since upgrade to the Andis AGCL Pro 1-Speed Lightspeed Clippers, as I pretty much wore the old ones out!.

Upsides to the PowerPros:
- Nothing better than having a cordless clipper at ringside
- Fairly light
- If you get two batteries, you can let one charge while you clip
- Blades from many other clippers fit these, so when you do wear them out or decide to change clippers - your old blades still do just fine.

Downsides to the PowerPros:
- one speed and it is not that fast, especially for doing legs, so you're going to have to do alot of passes - and you might not get as tight as you need on legs.
- you keep putting money into them - as batteries last about one year of heavy use - then you have to buy a new one at $50 a pop. So your not so expensive clippers soon get right up there in price.
- no light (compared to the Lightspeed!)
- they get pretty noisy

I would probably go with a corded clipper if you are going to use these for your main set. If you just want something to get you to ringside, these are awesome. I sort of have a soft spot for my old Powerpros, as the first clip job I did with mine was on the very first Shorthorn bull I bred and I retired them five years later after they clipped our National Champion bull - so those clippers and I went places together!!! We still have them around in the vet kit, as they also work great when we dehorn baby calves. We just take the clippers to the calf, shave around the horn bud and apply the paste. No fiddling with cords makes it pretty easy.

Hope this helps!