Really nice functional ist calver-by Dales Bull POSSESION AVAIL. Pay ATTENTION

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mark tenenbaum

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Mar 23, 2009
Virginia Sometimes Iowa and Kansas
Dale's bull Homeplace Hot Commodity has sired some very good commercial steers and purebred heifers Heres a first calver I like. Very sound structured, along with the kind of hip length you dont see very often, and JMO-a BEAUTIFUL HEAD. No; fake handmade belly that half ruins her later, or hi BW She is from commercial conditions LAst but not least: she has a REALLY NICE UDDER-also not ruined by hot feed and the belly chase.  Possesion is available on her sire HOMEPLACE HOT COMMODITY -PICTURED (from Cattle Visions) and he is a VERY useful real bull He  also hasnt melted at all. He will still continue to sell semen on Cattle Visions . Homeplace Farms was one of the first few 'performance tested" herds in the Country and Dale has documenred EVERYTHING FOR MANY YEARS. You dont have to be a numbers chasing lemming who has to buy statistics only over the obvious quality here. The numbers are : good and accurate. Starting with the original Hot commodity ;and back further to the Waukaru and Kieth lauer cattle that the bull is descended from. There is another important link . A bonified :quality, and many years proven CE bull who bred cows till the age of 13 or so.JJC WILDSIDE. A survivor like an old time range bull. The bull who gave Dales cattle: thickness, look, and DOABILITY non existant in many of the "performance cattle I see today.  Stevie wonder could see the inherent quality in these cattle.  O0


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