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Jan 28, 2007
If it is on you....get a bag of frozen peas and apply.....rope burns HURT! :eek:

And for the critter: I have had good look with triple antibiotic cream (yes the generic kind you get at walmart works well!)



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Feb 7, 2007
Hollister, CA
if it's on you, stop it before it starts by getting either a smaller pen, or a longer rope.  the rope burn is telling you to go slower.  they MUST cross over in front, or behind as mentioned in the other post.  think of them like fish in an aquarium with a halter on.  they are going to go up and down and back and forth for a while.  the more you stress them during this part, coupled with training them to pull without knowing it, the more frustrating it is.  i'm thinking a short video is appropriate here.  my heifers are not going to be shown, and i haven't been working with them that much and they still display this behavior a little, so i'll see what i can do.  all that's required is a clip of about thirty seconds.  converting that clip will take who knows, as i've never done it.

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