Shorthorns @ Ohio Beef Expo

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Feb 16, 2007
Just wanted to remind everyone that the Ohio Beef Expo is this weekend.

AND .... I want to toot my own horn. Please bear with me!

I have mentioned a bull before that I raised. Well, it is time to shut up or put up and the proof is in the puddding.

Lots 15 and 50 are out of my bull Eastern Sky Conductor 506. They are both the youngest PB Shorthorns in the sale, but I hope people can see the potential.

You can see color pictures of the calves at:

Conductor is the first natural calf out of my donor cow CF DZ Fool 387 TP X and Ar SU LU Golden Spike. His birth weight was 77# (and I do own a scale!). I weaned him off his first calf mother at 4 1/2 months, no creep and he weighed 496#. He was never on full feed and between 8 and 9 months of age he was gaining 4.1 pounds/day. I actually cut his feed way back because I think we can push bulls too hard. I am going off memory here but I think his yearling weight was 1285# and again, he was never on full feed or pushed. I never have taken a picture of him, but will get one in his working clothes in a few weeks. He is solid red and polled, tested TH and PHA free. He is absolutely sound.

A few calves does not make a bull, but out of the 15-18 calves so far, he is proving to be easy calving (calves moslty in the mid 70's). One Conductor heifer born yesterday to a first calf heifer had to have a little help, but only because one foot was back and only one foot and the nose were presenting. Otherwise all have been born unassisted, have been vigorous and on the teat in less than an hour. AND best of all, all the feet are heading in the right direction. Another important factor: they really grow.

His pedigree contains the Nobody's Fool cow line, Trump and Spike. I love the udders on the Spike females but they  sometimes lack bone and muscle. Putting DZ into the formula fixed that. The man that owned Spike told me Conductor has more bone & muscle than any Spike calf he had ever seen.

When you look at the pictures, remember that he was only used on 8 cows in that herd. Pictures of 3 calves are on the web site. I have 4 Conductor fall born bull calves that I just weaned a couple of weeks ago. Will get pictures in a while.

Possesion of Conductor is owned by Tom Brown of Spring Haven Farm, Troy, Ohio. Semen rights are owned by R&R Cattle Company, Waverly, Ohio and Eastern Sky Farm, Hillsboro, Ohio.

I am running out of air for my horn.

I do think the offering of cattle in the Expo this year looks like the best set there in years. Should be a good show and hopefully a place to get some good cattle.




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Mar 6, 2007
Wow, those are some nice calves.  I think that bull is super cool and really thick.  I think that heifer is just a little green, but then again, she's a July.  Give her some time to grow and she's going to do really well for someone.  Again, really nice calves.