Show Cattle Resources?

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Jan 7, 2019
Hey, y'all! What are some of your go to's when it comes to information on show cattle, breeding, showing, etc., or just cattle in general? I've got a pretty big pile right now, but thought I'd see about finding more!

Also thought this could be a good forum to be used for anyone new to showing cattle or cattle in general to find resources ;)

Current Book List:
-Before the Banner by Jon Gevelinger
-Beef Cattle by Lucy Newham
-Storey's Guide to Raising Beef Cattle by Heather Smith Thomas
-Beef and Dairy Cattle by Heather Smith Thomas
-Show Your Way to the Top by Tara Sands
-Grass-Fed Cattle by Julius Ruechel
-Raising Beef Cattle for Dummies by Nikki Royer
-Essential Guide to Calving by Heather Smith Thomas
-The Cattle Health Handbook by Heather Smith Thomas
-Beef Cattle by Ann Larkin
-Beef Cattle Science 7th Edition by M. Ensminger

And some more. Don't have them on hand right now so I'm probably missing a few. PDFs and websites are welcome too.