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Jan 26, 2007
How is you prep for show season coming along.  I got my steer tame as a kitten, but I have been working with it since November.  My brother's steer is wild, because he is lazy and waits until just before shows to really start investing time.  ;D


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Jan 20, 2007
LaRue, Ohio
Great question Phoebe!
We start out working with our show calves when they are about 3-4 months old. Reasons vary but mainly because of my husband's & my health issues. When they are that young, they are a lot smaller.
We begin by petting them & just gaining their trust in the creep area.  We can separate them from the mommas so that takes away the chance of a mother cow charging. Then we begin tying them up loosley for a little bit. Watch them very careful during this time so they or yourself don't get hurt. When you can, begin to brush them. Increase the amount of time you tie them up gradually. Still always talking to them, petting & brushing them.
After we have weaned them, we start leading them to a tie-up area. We start tying them up for a little bit each day & increase that time so that they are tied up for about 4 hours each day. I let them down so that they can lie down but still keep them tied.
after they're used to being worked with, begin washing & blowing. I like to try to work with them everyday. Sometimes it's just brushing & other days I do the full works.
I hope this helps, it's worked for us. We usually have very tame, nicely broke calves to show.


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Jan 26, 2007
We do about the same as Red mentioned, except we start when we get them in September. We start with grain first and let them know that we are good and we bring food (lol). Once they gain our trust we halter break. Which usually only takes a day because they are so used to us and want more grain. After that we try to do a little something with them everyday. I'm still in high school, but i'm off on fridays so that really helps. So far the steers and heifers I have for this year are looking great and eating great so I can't complain. ;D

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