Show to replace the Fort Worth show for Juniors!

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Sep 25, 2020
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mark tenenbaum

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Mar 23, 2009
I think thats a great gesture and I hope things go smoothly-As far as the filmed announcement-  I think its a really bad example to stand that close in a group and take masks off or have none on at all CORONA IS RAGING WORSE NOW THAN IN THE VERY INITIAL PEAKS OF MAY 2020 WHATEVER--The state of Texas seems to be as far right as any (redneck ) state-But shut down a massive public cattle show for obvious reasons -IS THERE SOMETHING IN THE WATER DOWN THERE THAT HAS CREATED AN IMMUNITY? PLEASE SEND TANKERS UP THIS WAY THEN YOU CAN STAND THERE ALL BUNCHED UP IN AGREEMENT WITH YOUR LIGHTS ON NOBODY HOME STUDIED VACANT SMILE AND GLAZED OVER CLUELESS EXPRESSION O0


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Apr 8, 2013
Brownwood, TX
Sugar Shane strikes again, great oppurtunity and great place to have a show. Have had Shane trim hooves on our central texas calves for a while now and this is right up his alley. Always in it for the kids. This past summer we took a few down for some families that show calves from us and took my 4 yr old who doesnt do a lot but loves cattle. Shane spent more time talking to my son than either myself or my dad. My kiddo dug everything Shane said it was really fun and appreciate everything his family has done. If you dont know who he is i think it was on the stocktalk podcast he did an interview look it up listen. As for the video anouncment, alot of parts of texas have bot been effected like others as far as Covid and alot of us down here beleive the "Show must go on" .