state issues

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Jan 20, 2007
LaRue, Ohio
Is it me or are they trying to make the state issues more confusing & using more double talk each election?

In Ohio we have a bill for a casino, cap on pay day type lenders, 2 clean water bills & one that can change the date for early filing.

I read the info but they all leave me befuddled. We get the pros & cons on each issue but it still is like duh. Watching on the TV is worse because they try to make the other choice seem like death to all.

Anyone else have issues w/ your issues?



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Feb 7, 2007
Hollister, CA
any time they are asking you for money, they, you, don't have any.

casino's are redistribution of wealth FROM the poor to those above them.  i would be more for casino's if they weren't so racist and for indians only.

The goals of the 1972 Clean Water Act are to eliminate the discharge of pollutants into waterways and make all U.S. waterways swimmable and fishable.  Thirty-five years after the passage of this landmark environmental law, water quality has significantly improved, however, the original goals of the Clean Water Act have yet to be met.

notice the word eliminate.

what regulators do is set what are called land mines for users to step on so they can claim that things are really terrible.  if you don't think getting obama elected is a big change, wait till congress gets super majorities.  there will be very little reason for any company to set up shop in america.  govt creates jobs by regulation compliance.

many pollution studies out here, particularly clean air, are studies based on a small set of infants and old people dying from respitory alilments which have been shown over and over to be bogus.  this doesn't mean they all are, but when the study turns out to be false after the regulation was passed, the regulation ALWAYS STANDS. 

“As an avid fisherman who frequents many of Ohio’s waterways, it’s extremely concerning to me that I have fished in and consumed fish from waterways that are regularly polluted with untreated waste,” stated Brandon Smith the Vice President of the Ohio Game Fishing organization.  what about fish urine and waste?  regulatory agencies use falsely low baselines to create even more despair and job security.

throw out congress, get a new epa that has a little more diversity.