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Feb 7, 2007
Hollister, CA
here's a recent price quote of the company i used to work for

click on the lifetime time line of the stock as well.

click on salaries as well as see what they get paid to perform at this level.

since 1992 or whenever it started, it NEVER made a profit.  during the dotcom boom, it spiked significantly before the investment community could figure out that knowing the sequence of genes was insufficient to finding drug candidates like epogen for amnemia.  remember, this is the same company that misreported novel mouse genes as human due to a clerical error of a "superstar" employee.  they didn't listen to the discoverer of that mistake, which led me to quit and make out decently before i quit.  one of the backers of this company, george rathman, otherwise known as golden throat for attracting high profile talent to companies like amgen which he helped start was taken for millions, as he couldn't listen to anyone other than yes men.

the reason i keep posting this history, is a lot of 401K plans invest in companies like this.  they don't invest much, as a percentage, but the people who benefit from investments in these companies are the people who underright them for going public, usually around 10% of stock, and if they are on the board, they usually have up to 5-10% of the company.  they usally don't last too long after that, and sell their stock after they leave for a profit, becuase they usually got their stock on pennies on the dollar,usually around $0.50, so it's pretty hard for them to lose money.

on the other hand, if it weren't for risks like this, some companies that make great profits would not be around.
on the other hand, there are lots of great private companies that don't have stock that do great things.