Sullivan’s Turbo Fan

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Dec 3, 2017
Has anyone matched up a fan motor from Grainger to replace the motor on the 24” turbo? I tried to look it up but I am not sure which one. I was just wondering about price. Sullivan’s is 169.50$


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Jun 8, 2015
The main parameters you need to concern yourself with for replacement are the Hp(horsepower), rev/min (speed) and the diameter of the fan shaft.  You can try McMaster Carr to find a repacement fan also. Typically those fan motors are 1/2 hp or less.  Rev/min is critical because the motor has to operate at a certain speed (rev/min) to produce the same or more airflow (cubic feet/min).  The diameter of the shaft is critical because the fan blade assembly has to be pressed on to the shaft. Too big or too small and it's no good.  I'm not sure what you use the fan for but check out Global Industrial's website.  Those fans are not expensive but they do well considering the price. You can get a good fan for the price of that motor.  Sometimes the capacitor is the issue also.  That's a relatively cheap fix, if you find out that's your issue.  They are easily replaced.

If you have the original motor, match the parameters I mentioned and you'll be fine.  Dayton motors are good, but you will pay $$$.