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Feb 7, 2007
Hollister, CA
i know i'm a fuddy duddy, but we purchased superman the series and have been watching series one.  we had a network change that took WB away from us during the first season 6 or so years ago, so i haven't seen it since.  i gotta say, i am incredibly impressed by the writing, the acting, and other than a few swearwords and um, suggestive situations, i haven't seen writing this good in a long time.  i love all the referrals to the future, the subtle clothing queues, even the "pre reference" to "justice, truth, and all that stuff" which the movie version kinda messed up on to "appeal" to international audiences by using stuff again.  without giving anything away, is the series still any good, or has it run it's course, now that everyone is older?  all the "relationship" tension reminds me of the writing on the original star trek series, which never was the same except between data and yar, who sadly left after the first season.  piccard and the doctor never did it for me, and wesley was just, too pinched in his rib.

and think of this, 7  of 9 was the wife of the senator who obamma replaced.  she divorced him in some sort of watch me in front of others stupidity.  stupid republican hypocrite i think.  i think her name is jeri ryan.

oops straying off topic as usual.