this weekend?

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Jan 20, 2007
LaRue, Ohio
Still no rain!

We are cleaning out our smaller barn today. Going to wean 4 calves tomorrow. Will get earplugs for sure!
Always hate to see the calves about a week after weaning. Seems they loose some of that baby fat & just look ugly for about 2 weeks. They're eating grain really well so that shouldn't be a problem.

Also going to stick the 2 heifers out w/ cows. That will be shock to the system. Cows tend to be a pretty bossy bunch. Last year's heifer should be glad because that means she won't be low man on the totem pole! The cows never bothered the other new heifer but she stands her ground & isn't bullied like this one is.
Probably will take the hubby out for dinner tomorrow even if he's not my father!
Hope everyone elses weekend going great!!!

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