thoughts on feed ration

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dutch pride

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Sep 17, 2007
SW Michigan
Looking for thoughts, opinions, pro's, con's on the following feed ration. We will be using it mainly to feed to steers. I also use it to supplement hay for the few cows we have from a month before calving until weaning as we have limited hay/pasture.

1000#s cracked corn
400#s soy hulls
200#s oats
200#s 18-21% corn gluten feed
100#s 48% soymeal
100#s liquid mollasses

We also give a good mineral supp. free choice as well as a couple #s of grass hay.

This mix is costing us $230 per ton

I am thinking we might need to add something later to get a "smooth finish" .?????  Suggestions????

Please; all comments welcome. Feed cost is the first or second item cost wise in a market project and can make or break a project profit wise.



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Mar 6, 2007
I don't know a thing about feeding soy hulls or corn gluten, but we feed either cottonseed hulls or beet pulp to help with spring of rib.  Also, when you go to put a smooth finish on, feeding barley is the way to go.  When we go to finish, our ration is 1/4 corn, 1/4 barley, 1/4 beet shreds, and 1/4 oats (this is approx. I'll pencil it out later if you would like).  it might be a little goofy, but it works..we were always in the top 5 in the county for rate of gain, and the calves showed pretty good too.