To breed or not to breed

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Dec 8, 2007

Ive got three heifers  May 30, 31, June 1. All are around 1000-1050. Plent big enough to go ahead and get bred and I would rather they calved a bit before we get heavy into summer next year anyway. I've got our state's Jr Roundup the end of July. Now, I will not haul till they're 42 days in no matter what anyone says, so my question to you is would you breed before or after the July show.

One is deep and really nice and showy. Already been out successfully and looking good right now. She's a tee bit weak topped and will probably be super competative this time out, so I opt to wait.

Ones a bit tighter ribbed and still a bit green, so I opt to go ahead and bred and sit her out for this show.

But the other is deep ribbed enough but not DEEP,and in good condition. She's my main problem.One of those who'll kill as a heavy bred but I really want to go ahead and get her shown but going ahead and breeding her will only mean  missing one show and it will allow her to be on fire this winter/early spring.

They'll show as heavies at Dixie Nationals in Feb. and the State show in early March if bred now. If not we'd be looking at May 10th  due date or so.

I basically want to know what you'd do if they were your heifers besides go ahead and stick her and haul her and if she looses it then try again and if she keeps it then your ahead. We're in Alabama, so it gets pretty hot and I just wouldnt feel good playing that game.

Thanks in advance,

OH Breeder

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Feb 14, 2007
Ada, Ohio
Our luck with heifers, just about the time we haul them to an important show they cycle and are a handful. Plus, I would pass up the chance to get them bred.


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Jan 6, 2008
Hillsboro, TX
OK well would you breed  15-25 days before a show?? actually a week long show with a heifer that has been shown before?? Thanks a  bunch