to implant or not??

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Ms Ray

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Jan 21, 2009
we have about 120 days till fair, we do not have a scale but have taped the steer at 700 he has stuck at this for about 2 months now, he is eating 9 and 1/2 lbs grain, 3/4 corn and 1/2 lb rice bran twice a day plus 1/2 flake hay.   

He got wormed in March and in April

Was thinking about implanting him not sure what to use, have read a little in posts on here about them and it looks like people are using Revalor-G, but I can only find in pack of 100, what about Ralgro or Synovex-S.  we have never used implants before, sorry for so many questions does a vet usually need to put in, do you need a squeeze chute or can it be done in a grooming chute?    I have also read about making sure structure is sound, the steer in my opinion seems to swing in the hip when he walks, so I need to be concerned if we do implants of making this worse?      Thanks


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Jul 30, 2009
if you're 120 days away and only at 700 lbs then structure is the least of your issues.  It's time to ramp up the feed, and an implant of any sort will help.  Keep him comfortable and go to 3X/day feeding if possible. You've got some work ahead of you.  good luck