Top 10 dumb things people say about...

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Jan 29, 2007
OK - it has happened again and I can't stand it - just when people start plowing ya over because ya talk about genetic defects one of these gems hits the airwaves add to 'em - if you are listening I'll bet there are a bunch out there..
Top 10 dumb things people say about...PHA

#1 DO YOU THINK I SHOULD HAVE HER TESTED FOR PHA? (after a C-section for a PHA calf)
#2 We have never had a PHA calf (after selling or promoting the 15 carrier)
#3 She has a PHA free pedigree so I bred her to a PHA carrier bull
#4 She has a PHA clean pedigree, well, no I really don't know anything about her mother.
#5 She can't be a carrier she is a crossbred cow
#6 She can't be a carrier she is a Chi not a Maine
#7 She can't be a carrier she's a Shorthorn
#8 Well it said in the ad he was TH free so I figured he was PHA free too
#9 (said at a recent sale)  "Yup he's a carrier, but he's a good one, take him home and breed him to Angus cows, won't be a problem"
#10  PHA - no big deal...


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Jan 28, 2007
11. It doesn't matter, I'll sell all the carriers at the salebarn.
12. What? PHA? TH?
13. I've never heard of it. (A big time breeder)
14. Gee, it just never crossed my mind to test him (on a bull that was being promoted at Denver).
15.They didn't say anything about it, so must be free.
16. Only the naive and stupid haven't heard of it, so why should I educate them.


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Jan 26, 2007
gallup New Mexico
17. I keep having deformed calves what should I do. (he doesn't want to spend the money to test everything)
18. (same guy) I bought the cows and the bulls from a Big breeder. It most be because of the coned animals.

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