town to declare bankruptcy in CA

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Feb 7, 2007
Hollister, CA

"Not only that, but now we have 20 police and fire employees retiring because they are afraid of not getting their payouts," Gomes said. "That means we have another few million dollars in payouts that we had not expected. So the situation is quite dire."

Public safety contracts for police and fire services make up 80 percent of the city's general fund.

my town is getting pretty close to this situation.  it's been delayed a little as we have layed of some safety staff, and have subcontracted planning and code.  some would say we are not taxed enough.

i say you don't respond to a ponzi scheme with another ponzi scheme.

when the housing bubble reemerges, in CA at least, those govt employees that still have their jobs, but don't own a home, will suddenly be able to afford one.

retirement benefits not paid for by the employee, should not be available till retirement age as  a means of cost cutting.  there is basically no rational reason to pay retirement benefits till one reaches retirement.  for some, it would cut the benefit literally overnight in half.

there are too many entitlments and high pay compared to a similar job with similar education in the private sector to warrant this level of spending.  there should be a reward for working in the private sector.  the reward for working in the gov't sector along with lower  pay, is job security and predictable benefits when one retires above social security.  but now, it's too lucrative to work for the government compared to the private sector.

it will be interesting to see who loses in this game of musical chairs.  theorhetically, a judge could simply assess a fee on one's property tax to cover liabilities with no negotiation on the part of the tax payer for salaries and benefits of government workers, which is supposed to be the role of elected officials, who are essentially one and the same as they vote themselves benefits with better packages than any government employee.

this is what happens with benevolence, you get tyranny.  move along, nothing to see here.  must tax you more.

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