Weigh in 1/12/08, suggestions

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Oct 23, 2007

Some of you may remember, but I posted back in late October, but anyways the weigh in is this weekend. I've got a steer, black angus, and hes pretty well broke, but im not sure what to expect come saturday morning. Hes of decent size (I'm guessing 825 lbs) so it's not like hes one of those 400 lb guys where you can control them if they get a little bold. We have a chain halter on him for working him, so that helps a bit for control. I'm guessing hes going to freak a bit when he sees all the other steers and people. So basically I think im just going to turn him if he get bold, I usually just crank em left using my elbow and let him spin off his energy. Any tips? Suggestions? Thanks


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Feb 7, 2007
Hollister, CA
work him in the yards, keeping his attention, see how he thinks, give him reassurance, not cranking.  he will bawl probably.  reassure him, let him know he can trust you to calm him down.  if he bawls , don't bother him, just keep him moving, no yanking, not a big deal.  familiarize him with his surroundings, no extra lovies or treats, treat him like a man you are showing around your house and how proud you are of the place.  see this over here? we worked on that for a while, see this here where we installed sprinklers, not a big deal.  see these noises, made them myself.  calm, calm, calm, just stand there, reassure confidence, you and he are the man.  so get that confidence in yourself too, and he will feel it.  no jitters, only from getting a high placement for a job well done, and don't forget your answers in showmanship like i did and blurt them out before thinking.