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Mar 5, 2007
  Well, we knew that he was going to have to prove himself the hard way. Sales have been good enough to keep hope alive. There were 2 Wilson calves on Ruby's sale last weekend. A steer went up into Mi. and the heifer will be shown by the Glynn family here in Iowa next season. I had 3 born, am keeping 2 and had a red orphan calf that ended up being the 1st heifer that I sold this year. There will be 4 others shown around my area in county fairs.  The lot #9 heifer in Olrich's sale was out of a direct Wilson 1st calf heifer and Big Improvement on the top side that Ryan Kuhns raised. Ryan has bought a couple of racks of semen. The guy that raised the SD state fair GC market heifer last year bred 7 cows to Wilson and Randy Bair bought a rack. He raised the reserve GC market heifer @ the Iowa state fair last year. SEK genetics has asked to handle Wilson's semen and we are in the middle of getting the info together for next year's ad campaign put together. Fred Campbell has 3 full sibs to Sun Seeker that are for sale. Maybe worth taking a look @ for any of you that are close to Fred out in In. He now also owes the mothers of both SS and Wilson. The Wilson calves that I have been around have super dispositions. Wilson is a red gene carrier and is scurred. Any of you that want a good structured tested doubleclean WMW that can throw steers, but IMO will leave a great set of females behind try a little through SEK or any of the owners can set you up. His a little different twist than most of the WMW's with the throttle on the bottom side. He is papered Chi B/C it was the easiest. We listed the Dam as a commercial Throttle, so he is more Chi than shows up on the papers. Thanks for asking Cathy so that I could shamelessly go on & on. LOL. Your Friend, Brent C. Wilson Bull Group


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Feb 13, 2008
I purchased a Wilson x HW steer back in August.  The cow was a first calf HW heifer so the calf was pretty green when I got him.  I just saw him again the other day and he is looking pretty good.  He's putting weight on and really starting to hair up.  I think he's gonna be alright.  We'll see.  I think Wilson on Heatseeker/HW is going to be a good mating.  Keep a rack in the tank for me Brent...  I'll be in the neighborhood one of these days again and pick it up.

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