A good day

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Aug 10, 2007
Went to the State Fair of Texas this weekend with the three Maines.  Had a 1st, 2nd (the one that beat us went on to be Reserve Champ),3rd in class.  This is our third year, but we take our victories where we can, some are moral victories when there are no one except you in the class and some are where we actually beat others.  The girls did great in the ring and my son is getting a lot better, it is good to see his progress and get rewarded a little.  It really sucks when you are last all the time.  Now we are heading in the right direction.  Daughter shows there with her Simmental next week.

Then when things could only get better, the cow that we have been watching the last month put a little Hard Core heifer on the ground about 20 minutes before we got home.  This is the first heifer born to our new herd we got from AAOK.  Mom and baby did what they should be doing which is nice to us new comers.

A good day.

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Jan 28, 2007
Congratulations!!!!! Isn't it great when all the hard work pays off!!! (clapping)
Keep us posted on the simmi show!!!

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